Bed Bugs 

The common bed bug (Cimex Lectularius) is a small, apple seed sized parasitic insect that is making a rapid comeback after nearly 50 years of near extinct.  Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown in color and have an oval shaped, flattened body.  Only 5 mm ( 1/4 of an inch) in length, these nuisance pests are wingless and have microscopic hairs that give them a banded appearance.  Bed bugs hide during the daytime hours and come out at night to feed exclusively on blood. They prefer the blood of humans whenever possible, but they will also feed on other warm-blooded animals, such as cats or dogs.

Why do I have them?

Bed bugs are efficient hitchhikers and can travel from place to place on an unsuspecting host.  They are often introduced into single family homes, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals and other commercial facilities on luggage, backpacks, used clothing or used furniture.  Bed bugs are not restricted by socioeconomic boundaries; they are just as apt to be found in expensive, five-star hotels as they are in low-income apartments.  Bed bugs do seem to be a particular problem for facilities with high occupancy turnover rates and anyone exposed to an infested environment can transport bed bugs into their home.

Are they dangerous?

Although bed bugs do bite and are naturally infected with 28 human pathogens, they are not known to transmit disease to their human hosts and are classified as a nuisance pest only.  For some people, bed bug bites may leave small, red welts that appear in a cluster or line, which may cause minor to severe skin irritation.  Their bites can become dangerous if they become infected and then medical attention should be sought.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to control because of their elusive nature and their unique ability to hide in the tiniest cracks and crevices of mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture or behind electrical outlet covers. An Absolute Pest Control Management professional will offer a customized bed bug extermination program, that fits the specific needs of your property, with the goal of eliminating all of these nuisance pests.  

Can I do it myself?

Bed bug extermination is not a DIY project. Bed bugs are not a pest, property owners have success eliminating on their own because if all areas of insect harborages  are not eliminated, including their eggs, bed bugs will reemerge.  Simply throwing out bedding is not sufficient and if bedding is removed from the bedroom, bed bugs can be distributed throughout your home. Many do-it-yourself remedies to rid your property of bed bugs are extremely primitive and simply do not work, as the materials they use are not effective and can actually make your bed bug problem worse.  

Is the treatment safe?

The pest professionals at Absolute Pest Control Mgmt. will first correctly identify and confirm the presence of bed bugs in your home and then create a treatment plan that will eliminate your pest problem quickly and in an environmentally responsible manner.  Before any treatments begin, our inspectors will consult with you regarding your children, pets and then based on your current situation, they will customize a treatment plan specifically for you.

How soon can you get here?

Absolute Pest Control Mgmt. is committed to helping you as soon as possible.  In most cases, we can respond the same or very next day.

What is the guarantee?

Our service guarantee for bed bugs is 35 days from the date of the first treatment.  If after your second treatment, you have any bed bug activity, we will promptly re-treat your property or home any time within in the 35 days.  Your satisfaction with our bed bug services is important to us and we want all of our customers to be completely satisfied and we will always work towards that goal.  A  60 days guarantee also available, ask for details.

Where does Absolute Pest Control Mgmt. service?

Absolute Pest Control provides service throughout Barrie, Orillia, Midland, Wasaga Beach, Innisfil and Alliston area in Simcoe County.  We also provide service to Bradford and Newmarket area .   

We know the materials that we use are highly effective against bed bugs and that our patient and thorough inspection and treatment service is the key to the success that we have had in exterminating bed bugs in Barrie Area and Simcoe County.

Our bed bug elimination service includes one main treatment and a follow-up treatment two weeks later if necessary .  But….

Our last five years record shows, that more than 95 % of our  bed bug treatments needed only one application, no follow-up service was necessary!......That means, if you really cooperate and follow our guideline of preparation, you have a very good chance to do  this whole process and hassle only once !

 If you need real help with bed bugs, call Absolute Pest Control Management - we are specializing on  bed bugs!