Customized bed bug extermination 

Bed Bug Services

 We are specialists in exterminating pest of many kinds including bed bugs . In the past few years, we have seen a strong resurgence of bed bug activity in our area in multifamily properties, hotels, motels and residences. We understand the anxiety and stigma that go along with a bed bug infestation and offer discreet bed bug extermination services that will kill bed bugs and rid you and your property of this terrible biting pest. Not sure if you have a bed bug problem? Call as for a bed bug inspection !

As a longtime Ontario pest control company, we realize that all types of hospitality properties, apartments and family homes are susceptible to bed bug infestation.  We also know that this is not a result of a lack of cleanliness. Infestations are caused by the transportation of bed bugs in luggage or on clothing after a visit to a property, home, or hotel/motel that has a bed bug problem.  Bed bugs have even been found in public transportation and retail environments.  You may not even realize you have returned with these "extra travelers" until many months after; as they take time to become established in your home.

The Bed Bug Extermination Process

Because of their small size and ability to hide in very small cracks and crevices, bed bugs treatment is a difficult and time consuming task. Most service programs will consist only one treatment.

We use only our most experienced and incredibly patient Ontario bed bug control technicians for your bed bug extermination job. It takes time and a patient and thorough approach to carefully treat every area of your structure to rid you of bed bugs. In addition, we ask for you to be a partner in helping get rid of this pest by preparing the environment before our arrival.Find out what you should do in advance of your service treatment.

For family residences we highly recommend treatment of rooms or apartments adjacent to and above and below a room or apartment that is being treated for bed bugs. We know from experience that these tiny biting pests will travel through walls and in duct work in search of a blood meal.

We will treat your mattress and box spring, but recommend that after treatment you purchase a bed bug proof mattress cover and box spring cover. Even if you do not have bed bugs now, these covers in the future will protect expensive bedding in the case of an infestation. These are revolutionary products that greatly assist in the control of bed bugs.

Our 35 Day Bed Bug  Guarantee  

Our service  guarantee for bed bugs is 35 days from the date of the first treatment. If after your second treatment you have any bed bug activity, we will promptly re-treat your property or home any time within the 35 days. Your satisfaction with our bed bug services is important to us. A 60 days guarantee also available, ask for details.

Our bed bug elimination service includes one main treatment and a follow-up treatment two weeks later.  But….

Our last five years record shows, that more than 95 % of our  bed bug treatments needed only one application, no follow-up service was necessary!......That means, if you really cooperate and follow our guideline of preparation, you have a very good chance to do  this whole process and hassle only once !

We know the materials that we use are highly effective against bed bugs and that our patient and thorough inspection and treatment service is the key to the success that we have had in exterminating bed bugs in Barrie Area and Simcoe County.

 If you need real help with bed bugs, call Absolute Pest Control Management - we are specializing on  bed bugs!